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Performance. At Work.

Acting, Improv, and Storytelling have broad applications to the world beyond the stage, the open mic, and the campfire. And the ability to perform isn't restricted to professionals performers; it's an essential and innate part of being human. We all perform. Learn to harness your innate capacity to perform - to better connect with your audiences, fully advance your message, and engage with authority. Become a better listener, communicator, and leader.

Adam has provided coaching and facilitated workshops for a wide variety of clients throughout the United States and all over the globe...

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"We wholeheartedly recommend Adam Grupper, a gifted seminar leader. Adam has created a dynamic, interactive curriculum that has terrific applications for every person who must speak before groups. Adam encourages his participants to harness their anxieties and channel energies to make interesting, natural confident presentations. His training and experience as a professional actor provide a fascinating foundation for his highly interactive sessions…unique, due to Adam's ability to tailor his advice to the interests and assignments of his participants, and his insightful coaching style."

"Adam Grupper has crafted a unique program to train people how to improve their presentation skills in a way that is strikingly effective both in its content and delivery. Adam has based his program on the concept that presenters have a lot to learn from actors who are trained and highly skilled at communicating to others. I think that one of Adam's greatest strengths is his skill at watching people present and identifying the unique abilities of each individual. He hones in on your strengths and gives you very practical techniques to become even better. Giving presentations can be scary, and Adam's positive approach and individual coaching builds confidence."

"l've found Adam's coaching and insight tremendously valuable. From our first hour-long session, I felt empowered by Adam's advice and my colleagues immediately noticed an increase in my confidence level. I found myself to be more relaxed and in control of difficult situations. I was the first person at my firm to work with Adam and based on my impressive results, we've since invited Act Professional back to conduct a group training session for new managers centered around communication and delivering difficult feedback. We received nothing but highly positive feedback about the content and administrators with a few participants commenting that they wished the workshop was longer - feedback that we never received concerning any prior training initiatives."

"I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. I have received a lot of feedback and the overall theme is what a great experience it was for all. People loved working with you! Many of the participants marvel at how well you grasped the personality of our managers - this speaks volumes to your level of preparation and truly taking the time to understand the players, the conflict and how to coach them through it."

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