Coaching for Young People

  • Middle School, High School, College 

        and Conservatory Theater Auditions

  • Audition Technique

  • Monologues

  • Musical Theater Songs

  • Working with Sides

  • Cold Reading

  • On-Camera Technique

A father of teenage boy-girl twins and a longtime Brooklyn resident, Adam gets it. He understands the pressures our kids experience in a highly competitive urban environment. So he takes pride in creating a gentle, non-judgmental, and supportive environment for his young students, to enable their growth and development as performers. For families looking to nurture their children’s love of theater, or who are looking for guidance and direction in navigating the often confusing world of auditioning for middle school, high school, college and conservatory theater programs, Adam specializes in helping his students:

  • Select and organize material that works for them

  • Learn the fundamentals of creating characters

  • Develop powerful performance choices that bring their material to life

  • Conquer anxiety and promote self-confidence

  • Connect with the people in the audience and behind the audition desk 

  • Bring their best selves to the stage and to the audition room


“I want to offer a shout out for a fantastic drama coach, Adam Grupper. Adam is a serious actor himself, who really gets the dimensions of the craft, as well as being a dad, who gets the dimensions of working with teens. I have been consistently blown away by the ways he connected with my son, working with both his strengths and weaknesses to support searing performances as well as fantastic outcomes, namely acceptance at La Guardia drama as well as a private program last summer. I strongly recommend Adam for any teen that is looking to break through, refine and evolve their acting at any point along the path, as well as to build confidence and a sense of conviction in their work.”

A.W., parent
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“Adam brings the complete package when it comes to monologue and audition coaching for high school admissions. He's a compassionate teacher and a delightful person. Adam understands what makes a performer compelling and intriguing and helps teens make the leap to what may be their first "high stakes" audition with great agility.”

C.H., parent

“The time my son spent with Adam was greatly valuable, well beyond drama per se. He learned very important interview skills, and also about character analysis in literature. His reading of literary texts has progressed well beyond grade level, which I largely credit to Adam’s lessons on how to figure out a character’s motivations and challenges, and the emotions that the author intends to convey. All in all, I can honestly say that my son’s lessons with Adam Grupper have helped him well beyond his very successful drama auditions, and have very positively impacted both his reading comprehension and his writing skills.I plan to go back to Adam for my son’s high school auditions, and also for a refresher of interviewing skills moving forward.”

S.M., parent