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Coaching for Actors

  • Audition Technique

  • Monologues

  • Scene Study

  • Musical Theater Songs

  • Self-Taping

  • Working with Sides

  • Cold Reading

  • On-Camera Technique

Own the Room.

You know that old saw that standardized tests don’t test your intelligence, only your ability to take standardized tests? The same can be said for auditions. As much as you need to hone your craft as an actor, to be successful you need to hone your craft equally as an auditioner. Learn how to take control in the audition room and perform with confidence.

Master Your Material.

Monologues and musical theater songs may be brief excerpts from larger works, but they contain worlds to explore. Choose material that speaks to you, and then learn how to make it speak to your audiences, as well - beat by beat and moment to moment - through advanced character development, close analysis of text, and time-honored storytelling techniques. 

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